The Shoe

Combining Fashion & Technology

  • With our interchangeable heel system, you can switch from a stiletto to a block heel for more support (and therefore less pain). “A chunky heel is better for your foot than a stiletto because it has a greater surface area to distribute your body weight across.” Dr. Sutera (podiatrist)

  • Our shoes are 100% leather. There’s an old saying, “buy cheap, buy twice” and we all know this to be true. With our high-quality leather, we guarantee that your shoes will stay strong and last longer.
  • All in one. Instead of getting one pair of shoes only, with our interchangeable heels, you get three pairs of shoes for the price one. All you need is interchangeable heels.

At this moment, we only offer three sets of heels (a leather block, a glossy round heel, and a glossy stiletto heel) but in the very near future, we hope to design heels in different colour shape, material and more details.

  • Our heels are practical. Whether you’re on a business trip, a long weekend or you have a cocktail party, all you need is one pair of shoes and few heels in your bag or luggage to perfectly fit any occasion. Your heels become accessories and your shoes will now adapt to YOU.
  • We have successfully tested our heel attachment strength. In order to be able to market a shoe, the heel should not distort more than 15% and should stand a force of 600 Newton without breaking. Our system only distorted by 1.9% and broke when it had a force of 1005N applied to it.

The results would be considered a pass to all of the retailer specifications having the criteria of maximum 15% permanent set and between minimum 600N- 800N heel attachment.

Our Shoes, Our Heels

Our shoes are named after our friends and family who have tirelessly supported us throughout this entire adventure.